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Timothy J. Volk

Consultant to families and their advisors


  • Assessment and evaluation 

    • Identify gaps

    • Identify stakeholders 

    • Interview and understand their individual positions

    • Formulate vision and mission

    • Create "buy in" for common agreement on the mission

    • Outline plan with tactical detail

    • Executive summary

  • Formulate and execute a plan (Design and implement) 

  • Objective advisory and strategic thinking

  • Long range guidance for the family to flourish 

Areas of Expertise

  • Family enterprises, offices

  • Financial services

    • Wealth management

    • Real Estate

    • Mortgage banking

    • Insurance

  • LGBTQ+ issues

  • Philanthropy

  • Mission-driven organization

Timothy J. Volk, CFP, is the architect of a highly successful entrepreneurial career encompassing independent advisory, strategic planning, and financial services (banking, wealth management, insurance, and real estate) and is driven by his core values of family, community, and responsible stewardship. As principal of T. Volk & Co., he leverages his experience in a successful legacy family business and provides prudent and trusted counsel to families striving to protect their enterprises and preserve their wealth.

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